Bhutanese delegation visits MIID's Himalica Pilot Project in Shan State

During the last week of August a delegation from Bhutan visited the MIID Himalica Pilot Project in Shan State. The nine officials came from Tsirang District where the Bhutanese government is implementing its own Himalica Pilot Project with support from ICIMOD.
The group toured Letmaunggwe Village Tract where Programme Manager David Abrahamson and MIID field staff introduced the Himalica project MIID has implemented since 2014. The group discussed water management, collective sale  of ginger and bamboo craft work taking place with support by MIID. The Bhutanese delegation also visited Inlay Lake, before winding up the trip in Taunggyi, observing MIID's training course in bamboo craft making with the Tuangyoe Literature and Culture Association.