MIID brings farmers on study tour to Magway and Bagan regions

September 14, 2016

From 15 to 19 August 2016, MIID organized a study tour to Magway and Bagan regions for 35 farmers from the hills of Shan State.  The farmers, out of which were 13 women, learned about groundnut and bamboo value chains as well as edible oil and lacquer ware production.

During the study tour, the farmers met with private edible oil producers, groundnut traders and visited groundnut mills as well as bamboo and lacquerware workshops. They had a chance to discuss production techniques with producers, traders and bamboo specialists; as a result they learned about best practices.

Through the trip, farmers discovered new ways to grow groundnut and new designs of bamboo products. They also shared the challenges and opportunities that they have faced and how they overcome these challenges through pest management, improved post-harvest storage, etc... One participant, U Yo, excitedly said, “I want to return home right now because I really wish to make the bamboo products, as I understood the lessons very well and know now how to make high-quality products.”

This study tour was part of MIID’s project under Winrock International Value Chains for Rural Development, supported by USAID. The project aims to better link farmers to markets and improve agricultural practices in order to increase their household’s income.