MIID launches two projects in the Pa-O SAZ funded by the DaNa Facility and UK AID

MIID launched two new projects in the Pa-O SAZ on Tuesday 16th January. Both projects are funded by UKAID through the DaNa Facility. The first project "Improving Market Opportunities for Small Holder Farmers, Especially Women, in the Pa-O SAZ" started in September 2017 and will work with 451 households to improve agricultural productivity through value chain development, training, and creation of farmer collectives. The second project "5-Year Strategic Development Plan for the Pa-O SAZ" will provide a comprehensive development plan for the Pa-O leadership and people, utilising a participatory planning approach involving workshops and consultation with government, civil society, and marginalised people across the three townships of the SAZ.

The launch was reported in the Myanmar Times. Read more here: