How we work

Building on in-country experience of more than two decades, the Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development (MIID), adopts a holistic, people-centered approach to improving the lives of some of Myanmar’s poorest communities.

Our research and participatory initiatives support sustainable economic development by recognizing the interconnected nature between natural resources management, environmental conservation, good governance and social development.

MIID specializes in Myanmar’s upland regions and rural areas with high proportions of ethnic minorities. Many of these communities have suffered from decades of conflict, underdevelopment, and regular exclusion from decisions about the natural resources on which their livelihoods depend.

By working with communities, government representatives, civil society groups and local private sector actors, we build upon the resilience and aspiration of these communities and assist them to work jointly, across sectors, to tackle key development issues in their areas. In this way, people are equipped with the skills, knowledge and the capacity to continue the process of development themselves. 

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Natural Resource Management

Environmental Conservation
Climate Change Adaptation
Rivers and Lakes
Rural Livelihoods
Agricultural Value Chains

Heritage Conservation

Natural & Cultural Heritage Conservation
Eco-Tourism Planning
Community Involvement in Tourism

Governance and Social Development

Participatory Development Planning
Civil Society Strengthening
Gender Equality
Social Protection & Social Inclusion
Local Governance