MIID Staff


Joern Kristensen
Executive Director

Hnin Nwe Win @ Phyu
Executive Officer

Yangon Head Office

Sharon Newcomb
Operation Manager

David Abrahamson
Programme Manager 
Natural Resources, Agriculture and Rural Development

Dr. Wah Wah Htun
Project Officer

Jasper Besemer
Project Manager

Seb Higginson
Communication Specialist

May Pannchi
Research Coordinator

Dr. Hla Myo Thwe
Project and Research Coordinator

Tluang Chin Sung (Sung Sung)
Project Officer

Zin Zin Zaw
Finance and Administration Officer

Hsu Myat Myint Lwin
Administrative Officer

Thinzar Ei
Finance Assistant

Thet Thet Aung
Office Assistant

Heho Branch

Nyi Nyi Lwin
Agronomist and Field Office Coordinator

Soe Naing Htay
Community Mobilisation Officer

Win Lae Lae Naing
Program Associate

Hakha Branch

Steven Van Bik
Project Coordinator

Dong Sawn Thang

Thang Law Kee
Junior Agronomist

Sui Men Par
Nutrition Educator

Dawt Tial
Aquaculture Specialist

Siang Chin Sung
Admin, Finance and Logistics Officer

Sui Tha Iang
Community Facilitator

Ngun Len
Community Facilitator

Ral Uk
Community Facilitator

Van Thawng Hlei Cung
Community Facilitator

Joseph Lalbiak Thanga
Community Facilitator

Van Biak Thang
Community Facilitator

Ngun Hlei Zing
Office Assistant

Interns - Cornell University, New York, USA

Alyssa Ann Pritts
Research Fellow

Interns - Allborg University, Denmark

Mathias Vincent Nielsen
Research Fellow

MIID Associated Specialists

Helge Brunse
Agriculture Specialist

Mike Haynes
Heritage & Development Specialist

Nora Pistor
Gender Specialist

Paul Knipe
Organizational Development Specialist

Aye Aye Khaing
Agriculture Specialist

Henrich Dahm
Decentralization and Governance Specialist

Bente Topsoe-Jensen
Social Anthropologist (M.Sc) Civil Society & Development Planning Specialist

Johanna Aleida Maria Jonkhart
SME / Trade Development Specialist

Tluang Lian Hnin
Socio-economic Development Specialist

Barbara Schott
Sustainable Tourism Specialist

Bill Gallery
Energy and Environmental Specialist

Jens Sjorslev
Social Analysis and Development Programming Specialist

Dr. Paul van Strijp
Social/Cultural Development Specialist

Samuel Pursch
Socio-economic Research Specialist